Why Unique!

The employer is responsible for compliance with legislation and is also the one that pays for the fines when the rules are violated...

... unless the employer can prove that he or she has done everything to ensure that everyone acts according to the legislation. In this case, the employer is not liable!

In order to prove this, the employer needs a violation report. The TachoByte solution provides this functionality in an online platform, for the lowest available monthly price of € 12,95.


TachoByte violation module


  • Integrated violation module (as of our current knowledge, no other company can provide this).
  • When you use both remote downloading and track & trace at other companies, you often need 2 software modules. This will soon cost you € 20,00 per month. At TachoByte, you get all this in 1 integrated system. Therefore, you don't need SmartAnalysis, TISweb, OPTACweb or inSightSource anymore.
  • Lowest rate at TachoByte, both for our all-in solution (€ 12,95) as for our remote-download solution (€ 9,95)
  • Lowest hardware price (€ 199,00) Excl. installation.
  • Also accessible via an app on your phone or tablet.
  • 3-year guarantee on our hardware.
  • Subscription can be cancelled on a monthly basis.
  • Elaborate and clear reports.
  • Everything is compliant with European legislation.
  • Dedicated support and software specialists.
  • Connection with PTO etc. is possible.
  • Connection with FMS is possible.
  • Real-time insight in remaining driving time with our track-and-trace solution.
  • Trailers, minibuses, passenger cars and trucks: all visible in 1 online platform.
  • State of the art integrated telematics solution, proven since 2001 with the trip registration system of Accredis.

TachoByte B.V.

Since 2007, TachoByte has been passionately developing and implementing the best tachograph solutions. We are convinced of the contribution we can make to the efficiency of your business and its bottom line.;


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Trip registration with certification mark

Trip registration with certification mark, certified by the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration.

Object monitoring

GPS tracker, with security module and time measurement.