Trip Analysis

How long has a driver been on the road? How much time does a driver need for loading and unloading? Which driver has the most offences and who runs the highest risk of fines? Can I also import my address book into TachoByte? All these issues are addressed in the TachoByte pro solution.

Trip reports

TachoByte's pro solution automatically generates a detailed report showing information on each trip undertaken by individual drivers. You can see, for example, what the exact travel time was from point A to B. You can also see how long a driver has been at a particular customer to load and unload, for example.

Ritrapport van tachobyte

Driving and rest periods

A driving time and rest period report is drawn up by TachoByte every two weeks. This report shows all driving and rest times per driver. These reports are also used to automatically create an infringement report. This shows by driver if and when they have broken the law. This, of course, makes it easy to take action, improve driver behaviour and reduce the risk of fines and potentially unsafe situations!

overtredingenrapport m.b.t. rij-en rusttijden van tachobyte

Address management

Frequently visited addresses can easily be stored in an address book. This way reports will routinely include full addresses of points visited. To make this function as handy as possible, your entire address file can be imported into your online database at once!

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Trip registration with certification mark

Trip registration with certification mark, certified by the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration.

Object monitoring

GPS tracker, with security module and time measurement.