Track & Trace

TachoByte App Smarthone GPS TrackerWhere are all my vehicles now? Which driver drove on the M62 at 3.30 pm yesterday? Which driver is currently driving, and how much driving time remains on their tachograph? All of these questions are answered with the track & trace solution of TachoByte.

Always up to date

With the pro solution from TachoByte you are always up to date on the status of your vehicles. A change in the status on the digital tachograph, for example from' rest' to' work', is displayed directly online. In addition, all vehicles can be tracked live on the map. This way, drivers can be managed as efficiently as possible by a fleet manager. 

Actual remaining driving time is also displayed in real time.

All interested Parties are kept informed

The track & trace module is not only accessible via PC or laptop, but can be viewed on any smartphone too. This allows real time visibility away from the office and the facility to address exceptions quickly during silent hours. 

Tachograaf Resterende Rijtijd Bestuurder

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Since 2007, TachoByte has been passionately developing and implementing the best tachograph solutions. We are convinced of the contribution we can make to the efficiency of your business and its bottom line.;


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Trip registration with certification mark

Trip registration with certification mark, certified by the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration.

Object monitoring

GPS tracker, with security module and time measurement.