Remote downloading

Nooit meer handmatig uitlezenNever having to use a download key again. Never forgetting to download the memory again. Always an up-to-date archive with all the data stored in one, accessible, place. These are the advantages of downloading data remotely!

Fully automatic

All TachoByte solutions download the data stored on the driver’s smart card daily. In addition, the mass memory of the tachograph is downloaded once a week. All this is done fully automatically. Therefore, a driver no longer has to worry about these tasks. This also means, of course, that a driver can never forget to read the memory and the driver’s smart card thus routinely reducing the risks of fines for non-compliance.

Live data

Live, critical tachograph data, e.g. remaining drive time, is displayed in the track and trace overview. 

No errors

If something goes wrong while the driver’s smart card is downloaded, for example if a download key is disconnected while the download is still progressing, the downloaded data may be corrupted. With TachoByte, the whole process is automated, without the need for human interaction, which minimizes the risk of errors.

Always an up-to-date archive

The downloaded data is stored in an archive on highly secured, best in class, servers. This infrastructure is located in Europe and fully owned by TachoByte, which means that data is not shared with third parties. This archive can conveniently be viewed anywhere, at any time, and provides information about all driver and vehicle activity at a glance. The data and associated reports comply with European directives and can be downloaded by the touch of a button.
Overzicht van alle tachograafdata

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Trip registration with certification mark

Trip registration with certification mark, certified by the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration.

Object monitoring

GPS tracker, with security module and time measurement.