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Remote downloading of tachograph data gives a valuable information source for transport companies, because all relevant data is saved on the drivers card and the mass memory of the digital tachograph. TachoByte enables companies to download this data in a smart, innovative and easy way. The data on the drivers card and the mass memory of the digital tachograph is downloaded remotely. We would like to give you a brief overview of the possibilities we can offer you:

Remote downloading - How does it work?

Archive of tachograph data

Online archive of drivers cards

After downloading the data from the mass memory or drivers cards, it is transferred to the TachoByte cloud. This happens automatically, without any required action of a driver or a fleet manager. When this is completed, the data will be available at any time. Also, all data that is downloaded from the mass memory or driver card is compliant with all relevant European legislation. This makes sure that you can always access the data during an inspection on the road or at your company. 

Upload history

Upload history of drivers cards

This functions gives an overview of all the uploads of the mass memory as well as uploads from the drivers card. Every remote download will be automatically logged in this overview. In addition to remote downloading, you can still download your tachograph data manually. This way you can see what tachograph needs to be read out in the blink of an eye.

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ReportsInstantly generate clear reports with our solution. Note: the functionality differs between versions, more information can be read in our product matrix. All the reports can be exported to Excel, PDF or other desirable file formats.

Drive and rest periods

Remote downloading from the digital tachograph also provides an overview of drive and rest periods. With this report, you can see which drivers are compliant with the legislation. You can see, per day, week or two weeks, when a driver has been driving, working, or resting, based on data from the digital tachograph.

Overview of violations

Rij- en rusttijden overtredingen
This report, which is based on data from the digital tachograph, shows all violations of the legal drive- and rest periods in the blink of an eye. This enables you not only to automatically read out your digital tachograph, but also to prevent high fines.
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Status and location of your vehicles, visible on all devices

Status van voertuigen realtime-volgen, op alle devices!
When you use our remote downloading solution, you can view the status (driving/resting/working) and location of all your vehicles in the blink of an eye and in all of Europe.

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Route on the map

Gereden route bekijken op de kaart

This function displays the driven route, clear yet detailed. This way, you can also derive the exact location of the vehicle at any given time.

Remote downloading - Also for minibuses

Our solution doesn't only work for trucks. Some minibuses are required to use a digital tachograph and regularly download the data from it. In this case, you can also use our remote downloading solutions, which will display all the downloaded data on our online platform. For both trucks and minibuses, this works in the same, clear way.

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