About us

TachoByte is a company operating internationally specialising in downloading and treating data from digital tachographs, where innovation is of paramount importance. The founders have years of experience in the automotive industry and transport sectors.

With extensive experience in the world of ICT and mobile data technology, we can offer a wide variety of mobile solutions, such as real-time tracking & tracing, mileage registration, remote object monitoring and field force solutions. We commenced with the Accredis Trip Registration System in 2001 since which time we have launched Tachobyte and our SCADA solution, 4Safelt

At TachoByte we offer a web-based solution along with all the necessary hardware and software. Your authorized users have access to our web portal via the Internet. With this solution, you don't have to install and manage expensive servers.

Our mission:

  • Easy and fast implementation.
  • Simple links to external systems. 
  • Extensive reporting capabilities for management functions. 
  • Our unique software platform.
  • Continuous innovations that save costs.

With TachoByte it is possible to download the data from the mass memory of the digital tachograph and the driver card entered at any time. This provides the back office with real-time status. The driver does not have to perform any actions or interrupt his/her trip. The downloading is carried out while driving. With this, TachoByte helps you to avoid unnecessary fines and provides information that companies can use to increase their efficiency.

TachoByte B.V.

Since 2007, TachoByte has been passionately developing and implementing the best tachograph solutions. We are convinced of the contribution we can make to the efficiency of your business and its bottom line.;


TachoByte B.V.
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Trip registration with certification mark

Trip registration with certification mark, certified by the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration.

Object monitoring

GPS tracker, with security module and time measurement.